4 Corners Of My Home With Morgana Frampton

The next instalment in our interior inspiration series comes from Morgana Frampton, the lady behind the interior account @ourhousenumber10.
“We moved into our home in May 2019, and we were very lucky as the previous owners had left it in such an immaculate condition, it was like a show home. But unfortunately, that’s not quite our style! We want our home to look cosy and inviting yet still stylish!
There is still a lot of work to be done, so these images will probably be different in a few months time…”

 Master Bedroom

Our master bedroom was a completely blank canvas when we moved in. The main wall desperately needed something that would really be a wow factor as soon as you walk in, since the door to the room is directly opposite the bed.
We always knew that we wanted our bedroom to be different from the rest of the house in regards to colour and style, so when we saw this beautiful mural from @photowall_sweden it was love at first sight!
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Console Table

Our middle floor bedroom had fitted wardrobes on two of the main walls, which were taking up a lot of much-needed space (and giving me a bruise each time I would knock my leg into the bed next to them!) So we got rid of one of the wardrobes and replaced it with a console table. We now have so much more room to manoeuvre, and a lovely table to style throughout the year!

En-Suite Bathroom

The en suite bathroom is still a work in progress! We still need to paint the walls and put up some shelves for my skincare products, but it’s already one of my most favourite rooms in the house. Even though it’s a small space, the colours we’ve used are calming and create a lovely zen atmosphere.
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The Kitchen

The most used room in the house! It’s certainly the heart of our home. Our kitchen is always the social hub when we have guests over (pre COVID!)
When we first moved in, I initially wanted to paint the cabinets all white! I’m so glad that we didn’t as this colour is so so lovely and we always get compliments about it.
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