An Honest Review Of The Vegan Takeaway From Wahaca Brighton

Wahaca recently launched a new vegan takeaway in Brighton and it’s perfect for those who are trying out ‘Veganuary’.

Having become Vegan myself a few years ago, I can safely say that this a great vegan takeaway option in Brighton and the new menu launch is ideal for a treat. We are all doing our best to stay safe inside, but after three lockdowns, a lot of us are looking to try something a bit different: Wahaca’s menu – with their new (vegan and non-vegan) additions – is a culinary activity in itself. Ordering a takeaway from Wahaca brings the ‘small plate’ dining experience home without all of the washing up, thankfully.


Vegan Takeaway From Wahaca Brighton

Vegan Cheese & Black Bean Quesadilla (new)

Wahaca’s vegan black bean quesadilla is new to their menu this January. This quesadilla is wonderfully smooth and creamy; filled with thick Violife vegan ‘cheese’ and smoky beans, this dish is all about texture. It’s salty rather than spicy, so reach for this toasted Quesadilla to counterpoise the spicier dishes on Wahaca’s menu.

Vegan Nachos (new)

Also made with Violife vegan ‘cheese’, these Nachos strike a delicious balance between spicy and fresh. Wahaca’s Vegan Nachos are topped with a generous amount of tomato and avocado salsa. Rich in flavour and filling but not stodgy, this dish is perfect to give to your vegan-sceptic friends who don’t believe that vegan food can truly ‘hit-the-spot’. With Wahaca’s Vegan Nachos, there is no compromise on texture or taste.


Vegan Plantain Taco

Wahaca’s Vegan Plantain Taco is paired with black beans, marinated shredded cabbage and sweet and spicy chipotle salsa, however, the sizable chunk of plantain is definitely the star of the show in this taco. Plantain’s natural honeyed flavour, combined with the sweetness of the chipotle salsa, gives this taco a desert-like taste.  If you like plantain, you will love this.

Vegan Mushroom Taco

This taco is perfect for those with a fondness for mushrooms and Mexican food. Wahaca’s Vegan Mushroom Taco tastes as though it was just picked from the field, it’s fresh, juicy, and a full bite. The mushroom is grilled and rubbed in sweet ancho. Not at all spicy, but extremely fragrant. Similarly to the Plantain Taco, the mushroom steals the show.

Vegan Sweet Potato Burrito

Wahaca’s Vegan Sweet Potato Burrito is wholesome, filling, and would work well as the focal point to your meal. The toasted flour tortilla is packed full of black beans, green rice, cashew nut mole, tomatillo salsa, and shredded cabbage, which works beautifully alongside a generous helping of avocado and sweet potato. The Vegan Sweet Potato Burrito has pockets of spice spaced sporadically throughout which nicely offsets the creaminess of the avocado and the sweetness of the potato.


Vegan Takeaway From Wahaca Brighton


Grilled Halloumi ‘Al Pastor’ Taco (new, non-vegan)

Wahaca’s new Grilled Halloumi ‘Al Pastor’ Taco is flavourful and hearty. The marinated halloumi is paired with a tomatillo and pineapple salsa, wrapped in two soft corn tortillas. The juicy sweetness of the pineapple salsa nicely contrasts the natural saltiness of the halloumi resulting in a full-bodied, cheerful taste.

Vegan Churros

Doughy on the inside, and crispy on the outside – exactly what you would want from a bunch of freshly baked Churros. Wahaca’s Vegan Churros are dusted with glistening sugar and paired with a rich chocolate sauce. The silky feel of the runny rich chocolate juxtaposes the crunch of the Mexican fried-dough pastry – a brilliant end to the meal.


Looking to try out a new vegan takeaway in Brighton? Book your Wahace takeaway here.

Vegan Takeaway From Wahaca Brighton

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