King Power Gold Cup at Cowdray Park Polo Club Commences on 1st July

Cowdray Park Polo Club are delighted to announce the start of The King Power Gold Cup for the British Open Polo Championship 2020.  The tournament will commence on Wednesday 1st July and the final will be played at Lawns in Midhurst on Sunday 26th July. 


Eight teams will partake this year with two teams making their Gold Cup debuts.  The tournament will be played with the usual speed and skill of high-goal polo, under modified rules which adhere to government regulations.

Encouragingly for the future of the sport, 2020 sees the highest number of British players entering the tournament in recent years.  Among the young British players is 18year old Will Harper who resides in Midhurst.  Harper junior is likely to meet his father, James, on the pitch as they are rival team members.

cowdray park polo gold cup photo by mark beaumont

Cowdray Park Polo Club has been delighted to make Lawns available during lockdown for exercise and recreation. Whilst we are keen to continue to provide access, this must now be managed to protect the public and to ensure that the Club is acting strictly in accordance with government guidelines by not permitting the viewing of sport until further easing of restrictions.

Chris Bethell, Cowdray Park Polo Manager commented: “We are very much looking forward to play commencing.  It has been a challenging start to the season.  The grounds are in peak condition; there are some exciting team entries and 2020 has the potential for new talent to shine and perhaps an unexpected winner.”

cowdray park polo gold cup photo by mark beaumont 

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Image Credit : Mark Beaumont

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