How to ‘Luxe’ your stay at Center Parcs | UK Guide

It doesn’t have to be all bike locks and BYO loo roll…
Center Parcs has been our go-to since the girls were small: we’re veterans. 
Here are my top tips for making your stay extra special. 
One. Childcare & Spa.
Our girls adore the 3-hour fun-packed parties at the creche; we’re fans of the award-winning spa next door. They get 3 hours of fun; we get 3 hours of child-free time out. Everyone’s a winner. 
Two. Shinrin-Yoku. 
The forest is literally on your doorstep, no better time to dip into some shirin-yoku (forest bathing). Leave your lodge and devices behind and enjoy. It’s free and good for the soul.
365 Magazine Center Parcs
Three. Cocktails In Las Iguanas.
If you’ve been lucky enough to bring willing babysitters, Las Iguanas is the perfect spot for an impromptu drink or pre-dinner cocktail. Just pull up a stool at the bar and order away: no reservation required. 
365 Magazine Center Parcs
Four. Go Noughties: DVD & Chill.
Center Parcs no longer offer babysitting but do provide a DVD player in every lodge. If you haven’t got anyone to watch the kids, make sure you pack DVDs, nice candles and ‘hygge’ mentality. It’s time for a revival: DVD and chill.
The alternative? Eating out with exhausted kids. No, thanks. 
Instead, grab Cook meals, ice cream, logs (marshmallows, wine, cheese, chocolate, gin, whatever tickles your fancy) from the Parc Market.  When the bambinos are snoring, stick a log on the fire, microwave your dinner, pour a large glass and snuggle up in front of a DVD like it’s 2002. 
Five. Hire a Cabana At The Pool.
You’ll feel like a rock star for fifty quid. And it makes life so much easier with small people.
Six.  Splash Out On A Tree House.
If you’re serious about experiencing 5* Center Parcs, a Tree House is the only way to go.
They’re impressive – inside and out. We stayed in one last summer and loved it so much we came back for more this year. Everything’s carefully thought through so you only need to pack the bare essentials.
And one of the best bits? You get to sail onto the site with your very own parking spaces out front and priority check-in from 2pm: no queuing to check-in or moving your car to the car park. Sit back and relax with a coffee and newspaper or jump straight into the hot tub. Heaven.
You can book your break at Center Parcs on their website Article based on our recent stay at Woburn in August 2019. Not an affiliate link and no gifts received, just genuine fans of staying in the forest 😉