Sustainable Wellbeing Must-Have Products For Autumn

Previously, sustainable wellbeing products have been viewed as something you’ll only find in more upmarket retailers such as Whole Foods Market, or niche, ethically-led independents with brand names we’re unfamiliar with and therefore sceptical of trying. But as more of us transition into a more minimalist and holistic way of living, we’re noticeably open to spending more money in mind of a long-term investment in products that are stripped of the cheap artificial ingredients you’ll find by less ethical brands. 

With the rise of eco-consciousness across all beauty and wellbeing products, it’s never been easier to lead a more environmentally friendly lifestyle! Here’s our curated collection of self-care must-have products for every well-being warriors’ daily ritual.

Sustainable Female Hygeine Proucts

Sleep wellbeing: The Silk Collection Pure Silk Eye Mask

Female-founded brand The Silk Collection source the highest quality grade silk (a 100% natural fabric) to make timeless pieces that are made to stand the test of time. If you struggle with getting quality sleep every night then their pure silk eye mask is an excellent accessory to help you enjoy a peaceful, undisturbed sleep. Silk is a breathable, hypoallergenic and soothing material, so pair the eye mask with a pure silk pillowcase for a luxurious sleep! Over a third of our lifetime is spent sleeping, so using silk products is actually an effortless way to protect the health of our skin and hair – which can really suffer from abrasive fabrics such as cotton.

Sustainable Wellbeing ProductsMental wellbeing: GoodBody High Strength CBD Oil Drops

Something for the stress head who struggles to keep calm or switch off. GoodBody CBD comes in a variety of strengths so you can select the dosage suitable for you. I found the High Strength (10%) oil really helped me lock in more REM sleep (aiding my overall recovery) and even better, I felt I was able to approach tasks throughout the day in a far more calm and mindful manner than usual. Juggling a heavy load of work tasks felt manageable for once! Most people complain about the flavour of CBD, but I found the CBD peppermint flavour really quite palatable. 

You might be confused why CBD oil is included in a sustainable wellbeing round up, but CBD is made from hemp – a densely growing plant, meaning that harsh chemical herbicides aren’t necessary to grow it, and whats more, it naturally reduces pests so pesticides aren’t needed. 

Sustainable Wellbeing Products

Emotional wellbeing: Scentered De-Stress Therapy Balm

Portable aromatherapy products to support daily transitions where you might find your emotions run high – simply apply the balm to pulse points (temples, neck or wrist). The moisturising, natural ingredients of the Scentered de-stress balm provide a personal sensory experience when you stop, inhale and reset, allowing you to mindfully transition your mindset as the essential oils are absorbed into your skin. The portable stick is packed with essential oils and ingredients grown by responsible farmers and they’re even available as refills, making this a sustainable stress relief aid for those who suffer from anxiety, nervousness, worry, jitters or regularly experience uneasiness or restlessness. No need for lagging around heavy jars of supplements while you’re flitting through daily activities!

Sustainable Wellbeing Products

All-Round Wellbeing Regime: Earths Secret Ultimate bundle


Forget synthetic supplements; Earths Secret three-pillar ingredients of ashwagandha, turmeric and saffron tie into their ayurvedic mission of reconnecting us with the planet’s ancient powerful plants in order to support our modern-day lifestyles. The Ultimate Bundle is made up of the following:

Earths Secret1) Calm Complex – containing Ashwagandha to reduce emotional and physical stress, coupled with Holy Basil and Rhodiola, a focus Nootropic, to help improve mood and cognitive clarity  

2) Thrive Complex – packed with the antioxidants of turmeric (which further promote cellular health and enhance physical performance), reishi mushroom and elderberry for reducing fatigue and boosting your immune system

3) Sleep Complex – Containing 5 of nature’s most treasured sleep-inducing botanicals like chamomile and lavender, and the rich Indian ayurvedic spice Saffron to enhance the quality of your sleep and help you feel fully restored.

Take all three for a natural pathway to optimal health and wellbeing. 
Elle Bolland